Here, you can download an Ubuntu 8.04 (Desktop) VMware Image. This virtual Linux system with all its applications is usable out-of-the-box (e.g. with the free VMware Player). Thus, it is perfect to test drive Ubuntu or as a secondary operating system running within Windows. The image already comes with the current VMware Tools, Java 6, and Eclipse 3.3 Europa.

User name: jars
Password: jars
Root password: there is none in Ubuntu! Please Use sudo instead.

VM settings:
Screen size: 1024×768
Language and keyboard: English
Partition size: 20 GB (dynamic)

Download Ubuntu 8.04 VMware Torrent (recommended)
Other downloads have been removed as they are not supported any longer. Sorry!

(708 MB, uncompressed 2.9 GB)

Please check the checksums after downloading. If they do not match, it is likely that the downloaded archive can be repaired (see FAQ).

MD5: 0985312B75F08892E0DB136699989450
SHA1: BD9B5A14245E1E504AC84DC7146093417FB058DB

The RAR archive can be unpacked with WinRAR for example. For running the VM a VMware product is required, e.g. the free VMware Player.

The image is provided “as is” without any kind of warranty.


Is there a “root” account? For security reasons, the root account is disabled in Ubuntu, and you do not need it. Instead use the command sudo.

The downloaded RAR archive seems corrupt (CRC error) – must it be download again? No, the RAR archive has a recovery record and can often be repaired. In WinRAR, choose “Tools -> Repair Archive” from its menu or press Alt+R. After repairing, the checksums should match the values listed before.

If you have trouble downloading, you may try the backup server.

23 Responses to “Ubuntu 8.04 VMware Image Download (English)”
  1. Jarno says:

    Thanks for the U8.04 VM, it’s a good work (I downloaded previously another U8.04 VM but I couldn’t do such little things like change datetime or launch Synaptic !).

    I’m already working (no, in fact playing and trying only) with your U7.04 VM for a while. It’s a good thing to have the ability to experiment another thing that M$ OS. Just a thing : I don’t know if you tried it, but I didn’t succeed in updating the U7.04 VM to U7.10. Did you make it ?

    There are so much thing I can’t do actually with Ubuntu, so I keep my XP for the moment. But thanks with your VM, I’m learning … and one day I hope I’ll be able to change.

    Jarno (from France)

  2. fish says:

    Hi, I download it. It works fine except I can’t get network to work in ubuntu. Can you tell me how to do the network settings?

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  4. Geo says:

    I can’t use the network sharing 🙁

  5. Alessandro says:

    I have the same issue as Geo.

    Anybody can tel me if it is possible to configure the VMWare Player for Folder sharing?

  6. Peter says:

    Just a comment for the record; I notice Jarno above had trouble upgrading your 7.04 VM to 7.10. Well, I never had 7.04, so I can’t comment directly on that, but for me the dist-upgrade in ubuntu from your 7.10 image to 8.04 was absolutely faultless. That’s what I’m using now. Thanks again.

    The only problem I have is getting the VMWare player to share folders, but I guess that has nothing to do with the distro (the previous one upgraded, which I’m using).

  7. i_speel_good says:

    Works perfectly. I’m posting directly from it! 😀

  8. Jack says:

    Works great, does anyone know if it’s possible to increase the amount of allocated ram to something higher than 512MB?

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  10. manish says:

    Hey can we share the folder to the host operating system in VMPLayer, using this image….
    Please let me know

  11. VCSekhar Parepalli says:

    me too…cannot get the networking to work, cannot browse the internet. Could some one please share some tips on how to get the networking to work on this VM?

    For German friends:
    ich auch… kann den Netzwerkanschluss nicht erhalten, um zu arbeiten, kann das Internet nicht grasen. Könnte jemand einige Spitzen auf, wie man bitte teilen den Netzwerkanschluss erhält, um an dieser VM zu arbeiten?

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  13. Sunny says:

    Can anyone please tell me how to use the Internet; I am using proxy configuration url, it works with other vmware images but this image does not work.

  14. Sunny says:

    If anyone knows how to configure the network (with proxy configuration url) with this “Ubuntu 8.04 VMware Image”, please tell us.

  15. waikhom singh says:

    can you send me the steps to remove the JDK 6 and install JDK5 on the UBUNTU VmWare Image8.04

  16. Bala says:

    The VM image works great.

    How to change the VM image host name ‘jars-desktop’?

    Using ‘hostname’ command, I’m able to set new host name but unable to ping from other systems on the network. Able to ping using old and default name ‘jars-desktop’.

    Additionally, when VM image re-booted, the new host name is lost and default name is getting assigned ‘ jars-desktop’

    I’m using VM Player on CentOS 2.5.2

    Any clues?

    Thanks in advance!

  17. tommy says:

    I want to increase the allocated RAM from 512 to 1GB.
    Does anyone know how to do it?

  18. Bala says:

    In VM Player menubar choose

    Troubleshoot -> Change Memory Allocation

  19. Nitin Vyas says:

    Hey is there is any way to use Ubuntu live cd as VMware image
    the reson behind this is that i have slow speed internet connection so it will take days to download image from here……..

  20. paltonio says:

    vmdk works in qemu or vbox as well. it is great, portable, small and safe.

  21. Al says:

    Thank you for creating this image – I have found it very helpful!

    What are the rules regarding re-distribution (For non-commercial use) of this image?

    IN particular, we would like permission to re-distribute it with an astronomy sky position calculation
    tool which is made public under a gpl license in order to supply users with a “ready to run” virtual

    Is it permissible to use this image as part of that?


  22. Kolstad says:

    Very great written Post, im learning german at this time and i come back very often to your blog, very helpfull the most time.
    regards from the uk

  23. Claudio says:

    To connect the network do the following:

    Go to “System “, “Administration, ” “Network ”
    Click the button Unlok “and enter the password” jars ”
    Select “Wired Connection”
    Click the Properties button
    Uncheck “Enable roaming mode”
    Fill with valid information from your network (static IP) and click OK.
    Now go to the tab “DNS” and click “ADD” to add a new DNS resolver.
    Enter the Gateway IP informed when you configured the static IP, click it and move it to the top of the list.
    Close everything and then make a boot in Ubuntu.
    Okay, now you should be working.
    Forgive possible mistakes in writing, I used the google translator to help us. Hugs.