An Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbon) VMware Image is available here for download. This virtual Linux system with all its applications is usable out-of-the-box (e.g. with the free VMware Player). Thus, it is perfect to test drive Ubuntu or as a secondary operating system running within Windows. The image already comes with the current VMware Tools, Java 6, and Eclipse 3.3 Europa.

User name: jars
Password: jars
Root password: there is none in Ubuntu! Please Use sudo instead.

VM settings:
Screen size: 1024×768
Language and keyboard: English
Partition size: 12 GB (dynamic)

Download Ubuntu 7.10 VMware Torrent (recommended)
Download Ubuntu 7.10 VMware (no resumes, no download managers)
Download Ubuntu 7.10 VMware (no resumes, no download managers)
(657 MB, uncompressed 2.6 GB)

Please check the checksums after downloading. If they do not match, it is likely that the downloaded archive can be repaired (see FAQ).

MD5: DDBB82A2F07278CE5379B62E405C486B
SHA1: 00386744EDE928CEBABB003F12A6A5BCB0C56858

The RAR archive can be unpacked with WinRAR for example. For running the VM a VMware product is required, e.g. the free VMware Player.

The image is provided “as is” without any kind of warranty.


Is there a “root” account? For security reasons, the root account is disabled in Ubuntu, and you do not need it. Instead use the command sudo.

The downloaded RAR archive seems corrupt (CRC error) – must it be download again? No, the RAR archive has a recovery record and can often be repaired. In WinRAR, choose “Tools -> Repair Archive” from its menu or press Alt+R. After repairing, the checksums should match the values listed before.

If you have trouble downloading, you may try the backup server.

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  1. bartulovic headquarter » Ubuntu 7.10 WMware Image sagt:

    [...] Link [...]

  2. Satoh Katsumi sagt:
  3. ispeelgood sagt:

    Confirmation that this works.
    In fact, I’m posting this comment directly from this ubuntu image! :D

  4. Magnolia Links « Anthony Patterson’s blog sagt:

    [...] Ubuntu 7.10 VMware Image Download (English) – – Java und Technologie [...]

  5. Masi sagt:

    Works well. But i am not able to active desktop [visual] effects. I have GeForce 6200 card. Does anybody know any solution?

  6. Coringa sagt:


    >Works well. But i am not able to active desktop [visual] effects. I have GeForce 6200 card. Does anybody know any solution?

    you are in virtualisation. your graca doesn’t count.

  7. Coringa sagt:

    great stuff this image!
    I added apache2 and mysql-server and my client server java app works fine.
    sometimes i’ve problem with the bridge but this may result of my unstable network, depends of what other machines are connected.

  8. Andrew sagt:

    Masi@#5: VMWare Player (and most other virtualisation environments) do not yet support 3D acceleration. I’m afraid you are stuck with basic/generic 2D graphics unless you want to try (and pay for) the VMWare Workstation.

  9. gvla sagt:

    I am not able to login to the VM. I use the user name and password listed in the
    begining of this page but I have no luck so far. Any suggestions?

  10. Michal sagt:

    how to mount local folder. I would expect something like enable folder sharing in VMware and the mount local folder in Ubuntu. I tried to enable Folder sharing in VMware but the Properties button is still inactive and there is now other like Add Folder button. I also do not see any new drive in Ubuntu. Any help?

    Thank Michal

  11. Michal sagt:

    As usual check for keybord layout, capslock… By the way you do not log in VM but in to Ubuntu running on VM. I use VMware Player and there is no login.


  12. Evert van Dijken sagt:

    Everything works except the internet. My host PC (XP) with cable internet works fine. Do I need to do some settings within the VMplayer and/or Ubuntu to get connection the the outside world? I cannot find a help text or manual where it is mented.


  13. Why Tea sagt:

    Works fine. What is the root password?

  14. matelot sagt:

    this vm can not be run in WS 5.5.1 can it ?

  15. Guyguy sagt:

    It unzips to 2 files (nvram, Ubuntu.vmdk) which I don’t know how to run, isn’t there supposed to be a VMX file?

  16. Guyguy sagt:

    Please disregard the last comment, It turns out the program I used to extract the files simply didn’t work well.

  17. Shay sagt:

    I have to say I found this site very easily with using “VM Ubuntu 7.10″ in google. Great find!

    I am running Ubuntu and need the superuser pass. I have tried jars but it is not liking it. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks much.

  18. Fatih sagt:

    >> Everything works except the internet.

    I had the same problem, but it worked when I switched the VM’s internet connection settings from bridged to NAT.

  19. Joe sagt:

    >> Everything works except the internet

    I’m having the same problem. Using a Laptop with Wireless connection. Tried Bridged and NAT without success. If I use Bridged and Static IP my Ubuntu VM I can access Networked PC’s but cannot ping router or access internet, Any help?

  20. info_tech_guy sagt:

    Why Tea: use `sudo su`command with `jars` password to become root.
    Q: I’m have trouble with keyboard mapping — probably German to U.S. standard keyboard. It does make it a bit difficult when scripting if I can’t pipe things properly :-) Suggestions? Danke Markus.

  21. info_tech_guy sagt:

    I resolved the keyboard problem. For US keyboard mapping, modify the /etc/X11/xorg.conf file. Change Option “XkbLayout” from “de” to “us”.

  22. gvla sagt:

    >>>> As usual check for keybord layout, capslock… By the way you do not log in VM but in to Ubuntu running >>>> on VM. I use VMware Player and there is no login.

    Of course I already checked keyboard layout etc. All looks proper. By VM I mean Virtual Machine (or appliance if you prefer). I am also using VMware Player and I still get a login screen to Ubuntu whenever I start the appliance.

  23. gvla sagt:

    Please ignore my messages. Looks like I was referring to the wrong VMware appliance.
    Sorry for any inconvenience.

  24. martin sagt:

    Hello, this is really great, thanks. Occasionally I have trouble with the mouse pointer, when I maximise the VM Ware window it seems to be unable to get outside an area which is smaller than the full screen, so I am unable to get to the top panel or the left hand-side of the desktop. Has anyone experienced & resolved this issue? Thanks!

  25. leviathan sagt:

    Hey, this is just great. Works fine, way better than my own Ubuntu VM installation I tried :)

    @ martin:
    yes, I have the same problem sometimes… but it solves just by moving the mouse to the opposite edge of the screen, then it can reach the other edge again. no idea how it works.

  26. Alvaro sagt:

    It is a great virtual machine. I just wanted to ask you: what is the root’s password?

  27. khentiamentiu sagt:

    For those of you looking for a root password, try this from your terminal command line

    sudo passwd

    You should be prompted for a password, twice. Enter the same password both times, and that will be your root password. I’m not sure why you need it, though.

  28. thomas sagt:

    I have a problem to download Download Ubuntu 7.10 VMware. The server resets my connection and the first download link (Download Ubuntu 7.10 VMware Torrent (recommended)) is not workling. Is there anything to consider about? Thanks

  29. charly sagt:

    It is a great virtual machine

  30. siluvatar sagt:

    hi all,

    noob here, how do i use the .vmdk file with vmware (6.0) i don’t understand it…

    sorry again for the noob question…

  31. Jane Taylor sagt:

    Will this VMWare work in VMWare Fusion on a Mac Intel platform?

  32. matelot sagt:

    dude you need mirror site, the download is just toooo ssslllloooooooooooowwwwwwww
    hope some people with the resources will offer to help you


  33. Dale Manwiller sagt:

    Can someone explain how to enable shared folders for this appliance? Do they have to be mounted within Ubuntu 7.10

  34. mauricio sagt:

    somebody know where can i donwnload ububtu vmware in spanish?
    or can i change the languaje and keyboard?


  35. Baver sagt:

    Is there any root password? I need it… I think root account is enabled but I can not login to root… Pls help me with this problem…

  36. korn sagt:

    siluvatar: Maybe you have an archive program which can not handle large files in .rar archives and does not extract all the files – there should be a .vmx file which is needed to start the image. I used WinACE which has this problem, as other users have noted in the past. You could try winRAR instead (assuming you use a windows host)

  37. o_O" sagt:

    Nice, but a slow download… I’m not using torrent for this one file

  38. o_O" sagt:

    Ok, after some difficulties with the torrent thingies ect, and also a network problem, I finally got it sorted! ^_^ thanks for the hassle to get this file on here. I’m posting from the image right now :)

  39. quasi sagt:

    Thanks a lot! This what just what I was looking for.

    I was able to slowly DDL it here (, the other link no worky, and that torrent is German only?…

    Sp, is the torrent Deutsche Version only?

    If not,

    How about posting a torrent of this in English for others?


    Many thanks to markusoj, the VMware crew and all.

  40. Harry Mangurian sagt:

    I can’t figure out how to get higher resolution than the default. I would like 1280×960.
    When I select a higher res, the screen stays the same and just asks me if I want to keep the new res.

  41. Karena Stannett sagt:

    Guten Tag,

    I have been trying to download this for the last 4 hours. I have a very good internet connection and don’t usually have any problems, however;
    The first and third links I keep getting problem loading page messages (connection time outs) and the second link tells me that the maximum number of downloads has been reached.

    I would like to try Ubuntu out in the VMWare Player so is there any way round this?



  42. nick sagt:

    I having problems with Internet in my virtual Ubuntu machine.
    The host is XP SP2 running VMware Player 2.02.
    The network connection is bridged.
    On the Ubuntu I use both Firefox and Opera.

    The problem is that some web pages just won’t load, and some are working just fine.
    Those that don’t work get stuck in the downloading phase and are never completed.
    The pages that work / get stuck are the same in both Firefox and Opera.
    Downloading all updates for Ubuntu works very well.

    Anybody got an idea what might be wrong?

  43. Max sagt:

    Thanks for this VMWare image Jars.
    Will you make Kubuntu 7.10/VMTools/English also ?


  44. Yellow sagt:

    I’ve downloaded the torrent file and extracted it. But, if I try to run it, I get the following message:
    “Error while powering on: VMware Workstation cannot open one of the virtual disks needed by this VM because it is larger than the maximum file size supported by the host file system. Some remote file systems do not support files larger than 2 GB, even though the file system on the server might.
    Cannot open the disk ‘E:\Ubuntu_710_VMware_EN\Ubuntu 7.10 – EN\Ubuntu.vmdk’ or one of the snapshot disks it depends on. Reason: The file is too large.”

    Can someone help ?

  45. Yellow sagt:

    Ref. My previous message … “The file is too large”. I’ve found the solution here I’ve added ” diskLib.sparseMaxFileSizeCheck= “false” ” to the vmx file and it’s now working. Maybe that will help someone else.

  46. Alf sagt:

    It is helpful if you change the xorg.conf file as indicated above so you can have an english layout.

    Also in regards to getting the internet working, i changed ubuntu’s settings from briged to dhcp and i was able to use the internet on it. Hope this helps.

  47. Frank sagt:

    I also get the ubuntu login screen (running WMware ver 2.02, build 59824), and the ‘jars jars’ combination does not work.

  48. wouter sagt:

    I think the password is ‘ubuntu’. Not ‘jars’. In my just downloaded image, it worked at least.

  49. John Hedge sagt:

    Anyone know how to install VM Tools, please?

  50. Matthew sagt:

    Try using ubuntu/ubuntu for the user/pass, it worked for me

  51. martel80 sagt:

    To all ppl having problems running the network from Ubuntu – if you have a home ADSL router, I have some proposals which might help you:
    0) make sure you have the “VMware bridge protocol” enabled with your physical ethernet card (in Windows-Control Panel-Network-Your_Network_Adapter, properties) and set the VM net mode to “bridge”. Make sure your host OS firewall/antivirus doesn’t block the two processes (vmplayer.exe and vmware-authd.exe) for incoming and outgoing connections.
    1) launch the Ubuntu VM image and log on (jars:jars)
    2) launch terminal (applications-accessories-terminal), type “sudo gedit /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist”, enter “jars” as password
    3) after the line “blacklist evbug” in the edited file, add the line “blacklist ipv6″, save the file, restart the OS (the virtual one) and log on again
    4) visit your ADSL router web page from your host OS (probably Windows) via the browser and router’s IP ( for my Asus model, might be like 192.168.x.y for other ones), log in and visit “LAN clients” page (it will be somewhere). This page should list all the LAN hosts which requested IP thru DHCP (or statically), check if “jars-desktop” is among them. If it is there, it means that the bridge is working and your VM OS got IP thru DHCP. (If it is not there, it means that you have problems with VM network emulation itself). Unfortunately, even if you got DHCP IP for your VM OS there’s still a problem with DNS which needs to be worked around.
    5) on the modem configuration page, choose the “jars-desktop” as a static LAN client (through checkbox or add it manually as a new static LAN client with explicit IP) instead of dynamic.
    6) on the ADSL modem pages, go to “system log” (or something like that) and scroll through to find out the actual DNS server IPs used by the gateway itself (these two are your provider’s true DNS servers)
    7) now, in your virtual OS, change the LAN settings (system-administration-network or click the network icon on the panel) from “roaming” to “static IP address”. Fill in the IP address that you statically allocated to your “jars-desktop” LAN client (in paragraph 4), subnet mask to, gateway address to the LAN address of your modem (the address you used in your browser to access the ADSL gateway configuration pages), click OK. Then go to the “DNS” tab, delete the IP there (it should be your gateway’s IP) and insert the two DNS IPs obtained from the ADSL gateway log.
    Now, restart the VM OS just to be sure and you should be good to go. This worked for me in both the VM and the real (non-virtual) Ubuntu installations.

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  53. Liming Hu sagt:

    I have downloaded the ubuntu image, and log in successfully, but after I change the passwd, i can not log in any more.

    Is there any way that I can restore the passwd?

    The second question is: how can I map local hard drive or usb drive?



  54. abcd sagt:

    to yellow: thanks, it worked for me :-)

  55. Derek Read sagt:

    To Liming Hu:
    The easiest thing to do in this case is to throw away the one you messed up, unpack the download again and start over.

  56. Experimenting with Web Game Development » Porting NME to linux sagt:

    [...] product, and then the Ubuntu 7.1 virtual machine, that included a dev environment The reference to “jars” seems to be a java reference, but we wont hold that against [...]

  57. kerr hatrick sagt:

    excellent functional ubuntu vmx. worked first time. thx++

  58. Drew sagt:

    Thank you!! It works great! Posting from inside the VM :)

  59. HA sagt:

    This post is for clueless Linux newbies like myself. To install this VM (virtual machine):

    1. Download the file, which is an archive (compressed set of files) in the RAR format.

    2. Extract the RAR archive. (In other words, open it up and take all the files out.) The easiest way for newbies to do this is using either WinRAR (for Windows users) or UnRARX (for Mac users).

    3. Open the extracted folder of files, find “Ubuntu.vmx” and double-click it.

    This should open VMware Fusion or VM Player, which will install a Ubuntu virtual machine for you.

    4. User “jars” as both your username and password to log in and complete the process.

    Good luck learning Linux!

  60. Markus Junginger sagt:

    Thanks! I have to admit my post is not very beginner-friendly. I will try to do better next time. :)

  61. Ross Craig sagt:

    I have this version on a cd and like other versions I can’t get connected via wi-fi. I decided to download it this way and see if I can connect on a wireless connection. Downloading it now at almost 200 kbps, that is fast for a torrent, maybe the people who are complaining haven’t used torrents before.

  62. Vinny Carpenter’s blog - » Daily for January 26th sagt:

    [...] Ubuntu 7.10 VMware Image Download (English) – – Java und Technologie – An Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbon) VMware Image is available here for download. This virtual Linux system with all its applications is usable out-of-the-box with the free VMware Player. Thus, it is perfect to test drive Ubuntu within Windows [...]

  63. Ross Craig sagt:

    Still couldn’t connect via wi-fi. Has to do with my Compaq R4000 laptop.

  64. Qwert sagt:

    Thanks for a good work!
    Do you consider to choose other type of VMWare hard disks ( twoGbMaxExtentSparse ) in the future? It would greatly improve mobility ( I wish to carry my OS on USB ).

    br, qwert.

  65. Carsyn sagt:

    Hello! I’m having trouble with my internet connection. When I try to bridge my host internet connection with VMNet1 and VMNet8, my host internet connection stops working. If I bridge with just one or the other I still lose connection. I’m a noob at Linux so bear with me! Thanks! PS.: I’m using Windows XP. Internet connection is a cable modem.

  66. Anthonyacm sagt:

    Hi, i run Ubuntu in VMware Workstation under Vista and i have the followings problems:
    1) mouse pointer (that`s a little problem) doesn`t move always where i need.
    2) the desktop effects (this is really important problem for me) because i can use no1 effect!
    i have Nvidia GE FORCE 8400 up to 900 Mb and i can`t believe in this problem.
    3) the speed of my ubuntu and the speed of the original OS (vista) are different , and this depends from the settings of the battery, maybe is possible to download a patch.
    please can someone tell me what to do to solve the desktop problems?

  67. Markus Junginger sagt:

    1.) The mouse pointer issue is a general problem of VMware Player, I think.
    2.) Desktop effects cannot be activated unless you have hardware acceleration. A virtual machine sense cannot give direct hardware access, but its’s not impossible to emulate OpenGL hardware. I heard that VMware Workstation might support it, but I haven’t tried myself.
    3.) Emulation is always slower and also depends on the host system.

  68. hiranmay sagt:

    hello, I didn’t face any speed, internet connectivity or accesibility issues (Win XP2002)…the VM hit the ground running! but still trying to figure out how to mount win folders onto the VM…i’ve shared the folder in question, but the ‘share folders…’ dialog on the VM still has the properties button disabled…appriciate any soln…thanks.

  69. Rajendra Alapaty sagt:

    People who are lookng to access the host system folders or network folders from Ubuntu in VM should install samba. Try the following commands,

    sudo apt-get install samba smbfs

    By the way,
    This is a great vm appliance I used it for couple of months and loved ubuntu so much and installed it as a main OS. Thanks a lot. Hats off to the creator of this appliance.

    Ubuntu Rocks….
    Rajendra Alapaty

  70. Jason D. sagt:

    I tried this appliance on the computers @ school, and it works great. It does not run on my laptop though (Gateway 7510GX/AMD 2.4 ghz/1GB Ram), in fact no virtual appliances run on my laptop and I’m still trying to figure out why.

  71. Ben Teese sagt:

    Hi, I’ve been using this appliance for months and it’s been great. I was wondering if there’s any way I can increase the swap partition size. I’ve tried using GParted but it won’t let me increase the size of /dev/sda2, presumably because it doesn’t think there’s any extra space available. I’d be happpy to reduce the size of the /dev/sda1 partition, but can’t unmount it whilst I’m running on it :) If this was a stand-alone Ubuntu installation, I’d use GParted from the LiveCD to do my partitioning – however, I don’t think this is an option when it’s running in VMWare :) Any ideas?



  72. Lerox sagt:

    To Markus Junginger:
    Unfortunately, not only of the Player. I have the same issue on VMware Workstation 6.0.2. Never saw the problem on WS 5.

  73. Ubunut sagt:

    Nice release,
    I have a question. The problem that accures with the mouse. It seems to get traped in to a box, you cant move out. You can solve it bij going to this link:

    The problem is you got to have root access to edit the files in the usr/lib/xorg/modules/input.

    I already changed it useing the sudo method.
    I still cant manage to login.

    I hope you guy can help me.

  74. Philip sagt:

    I’m trying to setup a new user, something besides jars/jars, with sudo access.
    Thanks in advance…

  75. chaminda sagt:

    hello i’m new to vm as well as ubuntu i was trying to install few other software but its asking me for an administration password. i have logged in as jars with jars password please help.

  76. Ben Teese sagt:

    To anybody who’s interested, I found an answer to my problem of increasing the size of my virtual memory.I downloading VMWare workstation and using vmware-vdiskmanager.exe from the command-line to increase the size of the virtual disk. I then started the VM up again and GParted was able to see the extra available space.

  77. Markus Junginger sagt:

    Ben, Thanks for sharing this! This should work also with VMware Server, which is free. However, you can install just a single VM player in Windows, I think.

  78. Bill sagt:

    Another password question – but i think at least i can explain why people are asking for it :)

    Got the VM installed, works great; now I’m tweaking the UI.

    I go (for example) to “Administration | Language Support” and get a popup saying “Enter your password to perform administrative tasks; the application ‘/usr/bin/gnome-language-selector’ lets you modify essential parts of your system.”

    Entering jars as a password does NOT work.

    Any ideas?

    Is it just an artefact of working within VMWare?

  79. Steve Wang sagt:

    This is a great appliance. Can any one help me on how to create shared folder to have access to the host disk?

  80. onel sagt:

    Hello all,

    I’ve changed the keyboard layout to English-EN and rebooted the OS.
    But I found that the keyboard layout for the login screen is still in German (try to type an ‘@’ with shift+2 )
    Does anybody know how to force login screen to use the English-EN keyboard layout?

  81. onel sagt:

    Ok I found the trick (
    You need to modify ‘xorg.conf’ (sudo gedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf)

    and change the lines:

    Option “XkbModel” “pc105″
    Option “XkbLayout” “de”
    Option “XkbModel” “pc104″
    Option “XkbLayout” “en”

    For those of you with login problem, you might want to look at this

  82. Alc sagt:

    Worked great first time.



  83. AlC sagt:

    The download and install worked perfectly! Thank you!

    I’ve had a problem with the keyboard mapping. The z and y were reversed. I found that instead of Option “XkbLayout” “en”, Option “XkbLayout” “us” let me go to the Admin/keyboard layout and pick the US-International version which corrected the problem.

    Also found there were a lot of outstanding updates (to be expected).

    Don’t forget to set your timezone.

    Can you add memory to the Virtual Machine? I’m running 503MB from the default install. It sure would be nice to pop that to a 1GB (it’s available). (Probably a NOOBIE question).

    Again, worked great for me with no previous VMware experience.


    Al C

  84. AlC sagt:

    Sorry, adjusting the memory was a NOOBIE question. It was a sliderbar option on the VMWare player :-)


  85. HalRogers sagt:

    Question from New ubuntu user (a Windows user)

    I setup a password for root in two places: UNIX from command line prompt, (sudo…) and for User ROOT (in administrator section users/groups). Switch users, and it will not allow root to login.

    I swith users, Username: root, Password: (the one I entered above)

    message “The system administrator is not allowed to login from this screen”

    I’d like to copy the from the VMware ISO image to the appropriate directory (in the instructions) to fix the boxed in mouse cursor (cursor can’t get out of the VMware client OS without using Ctrl-Alt).

    Bottom line: Is there a way administer the system from the windowed environment? Going to the terminal prompt is another world for a Windows user.


  86. Alc sagt:

    On a dual-core Intel machine I (eventually) downloaded and installed VMserver 1.0.4 (also free) and replaced VMplayer so that I could use the second CPU. Seems to be less-than 100% communication with VMplayer as the UBUNTU had full smp support and the VMplayer recognized the second cpu; but the UBUNTU virtual machine would not boot into smp mode. With VMserver I set the virtual machine to 2 cpus and away we went.


  87. Ross sagt:

    This ROCKS! Thank you so much! I am posting this from my Ubuntu VM running on my XP box, and will be using it as my new dev environment since it will be so easy to archive, and to keep my XP clean.

  88. Arthur sagt:

    I get the following error in VMware Server 1.0.5 trying to open the appliance (n Server Console)

    “Unable to add virtual machine “D:\Virtual Machines\ubuntu710desktop.vmwarevm\ubuntu710desktop.vmx” to the inventory:

    Configuration file was created by a VMware product with more features than this version”

    Whant can I do to solve this problem?

  89. frozen sagt: using VM WS 6.0.2 and when opened the Ubuntu.vmx file, i am getting a recursive black screen with following texts..

    Starting VMware tools services in Virtual machine:
    Switching to guest configuration:-ne done
    Guest vmxnet fast network device:-ne done
    DMA setup:-ne done
    Guest operating system daemon:-ne done

    * starting powernowd…
    /etc/rc2.d/S20powernowd: 156: cannot create /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0//cpufreq/scaling_gove rnor: Directory nonexistent
    * CPU frequency scaling not supported
    [ OK ]
    * Starting Bluetooth services [ OK ]
    * Starting anac(h)ronistic cron anacron [ OK ]
    * Starting deferred execution scheduler atd [ OK ]
    * Starting periodic command scheduler crond [ OK ]
    * Enabling additional executable binary formats binfmt-support [ OK ]
    * Checking battery state… [ OK ]
    * Running local boot scripts (/etc/rc.local) [ OK ]

    This black screen comes eevery time the loading is failing and reloaded..
    Please throw some light on this confusion..

  90. Skydancer sagt:

    I managed to download this once yesterday but it’s now hopelessly corrupt. I’ve tried 3 times with bit torrent and twice each with both of the direct download links and it’s so badly corrupted that WINRAR can’t repair it.

  91. buntyBScity sagt:

    you need try full download. winrar cant repair for missing parts in download. help ftp ;)

  92. Peter sagt:

    Thanks for this, I had no problems getting it started and am posting from it now. I notice that you seem to have Eclipse installed separately from the apt / Synaptic package management. I wonder what the reason for this is. Perhaps posting a comment here isn’t the best way to find out, but I’d like to know if it is sensible to manage Eclipse plugins through Synaptic rather than through Eclipse itself and if not, why not.

  93. Markus Junginger sagt:

    Peter, the only reason Eclipse 3.3 is not installed using package management, is that Eclipse 3.3 was not available as a package at the time. Regarding Eclipse plugins, I would favor Eclipse’s update site mechanism. Many plugins are available from the update site and here you will always get the new versions.

  94. Peter sagt:

    That all seems reasonable. Thanks again, Markus.

  95. Nik sagt:

    I’ve been using this VM for a while now and am quite happy with it.

    Resolved a bunch of little issues here and there, but there is one I have not been able to resolve.

    I can’t ping or traceroute out from the VM.

    I am using NAT to the host. The host machine can ping and traceroute. I first enabled all ICMP in the Windows firewall, and then even turned the host Windows firewall off. Still no go.

    So this is either a VM Player or Ubuntu VM issue. I can’t find anything on the VM player in order to fix this.

    I can ping the host machine. I can even trace/ping the network gateway in my office, which is not the host machine.

    But anything else fails.

    Note that I otherwise don’t have networking problems. I can surf the web, check e-mail, etc.

  96. Nik sagt:

    My post above for ICMP was boring. Let me add some spice to it.

    I’ve been trying everything, and now ping works Internet wide, but traceroute STILL doesn’t. I am not kidding. I am not sure what did it, because I tried so many things, but now ping works.

    Perhaps I should also mention that I am on Windows XP Pro as the host machine.

    I found some stuff about Windows 2000 NAT having problems with some ICMP messages making it back to the NAT-ed host, so that’s my working hypothesis now.

  97. Nik sagt:

    traceroute will not work properly with Windows NAT, apparently there is a bug. There is a record of a bug in Win 2000, I didn’t see anything thereafter, but the symptoms are the same. Windows NAT will not properly send thru NAT “time exceeded” packets.

    For traceroute to work, use a bridged connection.

    To setup a bridged connection, you have to specify which interface will be bridged by rinning a VMWare tool in [dir where VM Player is installed] vmnetcfg.exe

  98. bg sagt:

    Guys, this is awesome. I wanted to try linux for a long time but was concerned of the time I ned to spend in setting up. This appliance is great. I have been a windows user and noobi to linux but I was up and running in few minutes after the download. I will explore more. Thanks again for the applince.

  99. Mudit Sharma sagt:

    i have problem
    i can’t mount my local drive in Ubuntu
    can anybody tell me how to do that
    it really helpful

    my email is:– “”


  100. baba khatri sagt:

    its look like a real machine

  101. Shawn sagt:

    There is a root account in ubuntu to find out / change the root password type: # sudo passwd root.
    Don’t foreget the password for sudo (jars).

  102. Chuck sagt:

    I installed the program, but I cannot get to the internet. I have a cable modem that is always on and works fine in Windows XP. I have the network connection in Ubuntu set to DHCP. What other settings do I need to make to get an internet connection? Thank you very much for your help.

  103. Jeff sagt:

    Install this, then let the UBUNTU update system upgrade to 8.04 LTS, that also works, easier than starting from scratch.

  104. Moe sagt:

    I had an issue with my Ubuntu 7.10 image where I shut down the player not using the conventional shutdown but just xing out of the player. The next time I fired up the image I did not have any mouse support in my image when I pressed control + g to use my mouse with the image. The fix is to VMWare Player > Troubleshoot > Power Off and Exit. After you do this fire up the image again and you should have mouse support once more.

  105. Ingemar sagt:

    Running the Ubuntu VMware img. on a Dell Laptop (WinXP) and everything works nice so far.
    Only got a problem with the screen resolution ,,,the Ubuntu desktop are running (as it looks) in a small window.
    Tried to change the resolution inside Ubuntu but nothing happens.
    Original settings in my XP screen resolution setup is 1280 – 1024 pixels // Graf.card Nvidia Quadro FX 770M.
    Anyone that knows what to do??
    By the way thanks to the crew that’s done this img.

  106. Anda sagt:

    When I write a programme I can’t use the symbol” \ ” (backslash) what to do?

    and can you give me some solutions for the internet not working?

  107. Maria sagt:

    Thank you for this!!